Shedding His Hair or Your Troubles?

When your dog sheds it can be a pain for everybody. There is hair everywhere, and if you suffer from allergies, you are in for a world of trouble. There are a number of things that you can do to keep that pet hair from getting down into your carpet and causing an even bigger mess. There are various vacuum cleaners on the market that are specifically made to pick up pet hair. Here is a short list of some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today.

Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Upright Vacuum

This is one of the best vacuums that you can buy that will pick up pet hair fast and effectively. It is also a handheld vacuum which makes it very convenient to use in small spaces. It has a handle that folds down very easily which makes it very easy to store in small area. This vacuum can also be used on hardwood floors. It has a variety of different types of crevice tools so you can get in those tight spaces to pick up all of the hair. You can purchase this handheld vacuum online for less than $130.00.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

This Bissell pet hair vacuum makes a good choice for anyone who is looking for a small handheld vacuum that can pick up pet hair very quickly. It is very small and has a dirt container that is small enough for you to pull out and dump with little effort. It comes equipped with a multi-level filtration system and has the ability to get deep down into the carpet and clean up all of those pet hairs. This is the perfect vacuum to keep with you in the car. You can buy this vacuum for less than $25.00.

Eureka Easy Clean Handheld

This is a great vacuum but it is best for small spaces such as vehicles and small pet rooms. It comes equipped with a bag-less filter and a lot of different crevice tools so that you can get into tight spaces and do a thorough cleaning job. No matter what type of pet you have at home this vacuum will hit the spot every time. You can purchase this vacuum for under $50.

Regardless of the type of pet you have at home, all of these vacuum cleaners would get the job done right the first time. There are vacuums for all different types of budgets and can effectively clean up your carpet and upholstery in no time. Make sure you read plenty of customer reviews online before you decide to make a purchase. Once you find the right one you will never have to worry about pet hair again.

dental checkup

Oral Hygiene for K9s

Your dog’s bad breath is probably becoming an annoyance for you but it could be a sign that your dog isn’t feeling so hot. It is absolutely crucial that you take your dog to the vet on a regular basis to get a dental checkup. In a number of cases, the bacteria that is caused by the plaque on your dog’s teeth could very well cause a more serious condition. Once you know what causes your pet to have serious bad breath, you will begin to understand why it is so important that he gets a dental checkup every year.

What Causes My Dog’s Bad Breath?

There are a lot of diseases as well as conditions that could cause your dog to have a problem with bad breath. A lot of times it is some sort of condition of the mouth that can be treated with home remedies and prescriptions from your vet. As your dog grows older, he increases his chances of developing some form of periodontal disease. If your dog’s breath starts to smell very bad you need to get him to the vet right away.

Gastrointestinal problems also cause bad breath in dogs. When the gas from your dog’s stomach rises, it puts off a very foul odor. You will know he has a stomach problem if he is consistently throwing up or having bouts of diarrhea. These types of problems could lead to serious conditions and should be treated right away.

What Can I do about it?

Don’t worry, there are a lot of things you can do to help your dog battle off his bad breath. Bad breath is extremely common in dogs so there are various products to choose from. Your vet might prescribe a toothpaste or medication for your dog’s periodontal disease. If your dog is suffering from something more serious such as an intestinal problem, they might prescribe something to help with the pain. Do not give over-the-counter pain meds to your dog without talking with your veterinarian.

How Can I prevent it?

There are many ways in which you can prevent your dog from having bad breath. Making sure they go to the vet once a year for a dental checkup is crucial to their overall health. Giving them healthy bones and treats to chew on keep their teeth healthy all year long. If you have any concerns or need some advice as to what is safe to give your dog, call your veterinarian.

It is very important that you take your dog to the vet regularly. Periodontal diseases can turn in to something more serious. Taking precaution is the best thing you can do to help your pet be as healthy as can be.

Young female veterinary taking care of a beautiful labrador dog

Pet Alert: Over-the Counter or Vet?

When you have a dog it sometimes can be difficult to know when you should take him to the vet and when it can simply be treated at home. It is very important to know the warning signs that your dog is sick enough to go to the vet. Many pet owners take matters into their own hands and give their dog ibuprofen or some other over-the-counter medication. The truth is, you should never give your dog over-the-counter pills without talking to your vet. Too much ibuprofen can have a negative impact on your dog’s health.

When you give your dog too much ibuprofen you could be making him seriously ill. Some of the side effects include: lethargy, stomach bleeding and rupture, vomiting, and kidney failure. If your dog has gotten ahold of a bottle of ibuprofen and swallowed quite a bit of them, you should take him to the vet immediately. There are signs to watch for when it comes to ibuprofen toxicity.

  • Blood in the stool
  • Blood in the vomit
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Stomach rupture
  • Stomach pain
  • Weakness
  • Light pink gums or tongue

If you think your dog has a serious illness it is important that you call your vet right away. He/she may need to give your dog a prescription for the nausea and vomiting. If they do prescribe some sort of medication, you can to go 1-800-PetMeds online to find a discounted rate for your prescription. You can even find discount coupons. This is the best route to take when your dog is sick.

Multiple different types of NSAIDS can be used during emergencies. Medications such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, and aspirin, can all be used if you feel your dog is in an emergency situation and cannot wait to get to the veterinarian’s office. If you are not sure of what type of dose to give your pet, call your vet and ask. Much of it will depend on the size as well as the breed of your dog. Giving him too much could be detrimental to his health so it is important to give him the proper dose. If you cannot get in contact with your vet then take him to an emergency pet hospital right away.

Taking care of your pet is the best way to show him that you love him. Your intentions may be good, but you do not want to give him medication he doesn’t need. A vet will be able to let you know if the situation is dire enough that you need to bring him in. It is best if a dog is prescribed a medication that is specifically formulated for him and not humans.

When Life Comes to a Stand Still

When Life Comes to a Stand Still

When your dog becomes ill, everything seems to stand still. It is possible for your dogs to obtain conditions just like humans can. If you see any signs or symptoms that there might be a problem you should take them to the vet right away.

Humans can get pink eye but can dogs get pink eye as well? The answer is yes they can. Conjunctivitis in dogs is actually quite common. Pinkeye is typically caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, and sometimes disorders of the auto immune system. Sometimes pinkeye can be caused by simple irritants such as dust and cigarette smoke. Some of the symptoms are swelling, rubbing of the eyes, discharge, and redness of the eyes. The good news is that pink eye can be treated and dogs as well. To keep your dog from consistently scratching his eye a veterinarian like prescribe a topical ointment to assist with the itching and swelling.

Most of the time pink eye is simply caused by an irritant but can also be caused by an autoimmune disorder. So it is important to make sure your dog is checked out by a veterinarian. Never let any of these conditions go untreated. If your dog is getting pink eye on multiple occasions this could be signs of a more serious disorder so it is important to make sure they are checked out.

Many owners may owners may wonder what it is they can do when their dog is constipated. There are medications available that you can give to your dog if they have this side effect to other medications or they are constipated for other concerning reasons.

Liquid Paraffin is the most common drug that is used as a treatment for constipation in dogs. You will have to take the dog to the vet to get this medication as it has to be put into their mouth with a syringe. This medication can help with your dog’s constipation by loosening the stool and making it easier for your dog to have a bowel movement. Sometimes simply giving your dog a little extra fiber will make it easier for him to go and will be less of a problem if he is given acepromazine.

If you are preparing for a trip or a stressful situation for your pet you should talk to your vet before making any decision on what to give them. You could be putting them at more risk without consulting a professional. While some medicines for your pet are a good idea, others can be risky so make sure you talk to your vet before making any big decisions.

Taking care of your pet is the best way to show him you love him. Take him to the vet if any of these problems occur.

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Puppy Vaccines: A Must

Puppy Vaccines: A Must

Getting a new puppy can be a really exciting time for everyone in your family. Making sure he has plenty of food, a warm place to sleep, and lots of love are extremely important things to remember when taking care of your new puppy. Another important thing to remember is that your puppy is going to need to be vaccinated. Knowing what shots your puppy is going to need is crucial to their health and well-being. If you do not vaccinate your puppy you’re putting them at risk for a number of different diseases and illnesses. So you may need to make a new puppy vaccination schedule.

There are a number of diseases that are widespread all over the country in the world. So making sure that your puppy is vaccinated against these diseases is crucial. In many cases not only are you protecting your dog but you are protecting you and your family against harmful diseases. Rabies is one vaccination that is required by law on the state, local, and national levels. Canine distemper is also an important vaccination the fight against. It is extremely contagious and it is a viral illness and which there no cure is. It can be contracted through the air or through another dog. Symptoms of this illness are high fever, seizures, and watery discharge. Make sure your dog is vaccinated for this disease as it can be fatal to your pet.

It is possible for your dog to obtain other diseases and conditions that will take more than just a supplement to treat. Heart worms are a common condition in dogs that can be treated with different types of medication. Ivermectin is a treatment for dogs with heart worm infections. It is amazing what this medication can do for heart worm infections however there are some serious side effects that come with it.

Specific breeds of dogs such as the collie, German shepherd, and the Old English sheepdog to have a sensitivity to this medication. Some of the side effects are: drooling, seizures, vomiting, slow heartbeat, and loss of appetite. If you notice any of the side effects and your pet while taking this medication consult your veterinarian immediately. If you have one of those breeds of dogs it is important to make sure that this medication is never prescribed as a means to treat heart worm infections.

While there are many medications that can help your pet there are other medications that can harm them. It is important to recognize the signs of any serious health issue and report it to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Taking good care of your dog’s health is a great way to make sure they stay strong and healthy for a long time.

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When Side Effects Weigh Heavier

When Side Effects Weigh Heavier

Just like humans dogs can get diseases and conditions that are unbearable for them to stand. In many cases these diseases and conditions can be treated with medication. Conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and pink eye are all conditions that both humans and dogs can obtain. Arthritis can be a painful condition in both dogs and humans. The good thing is there is a medicine that can help your dog through the pain. Pink eye is another condition that can be treated with medication as well. Here are some of those medications to help treat your pet’s illnesses.

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition which your dog’s skin is unable to hold moisture. This condition is typically caused by the use of harsh soaps and detergents as well as extreme weather changes. It can also be caused by an allergic reaction. Although it is very itchy and uncomfortable for your pet to endure there are treatments for this illness. Atopica for dogs is a medicine you can give your pet to relieve pain and itching caused by atopic dermatitis. This medicine typically comes in the form of a capsule and you can get it to your pet for up to 30 days. There are some side effects of this medication when given to your dog. If your dog is experiencing excessive vomiting or diarrhea you want to contact your veterinarian immediately. There are some less common side effects such as urinary tract infection or mild discomfort of the eye.

Rimadyl is a medicine for dogs that helps treat arthritis. Rimadyl is an anti-inflammatory drug that has been approved by the FDA to relieve pain and inflammation in dogs with arthritis. Pain medications such as aspirin are useful for humans can be toxic to your pet. Thankfully Rimadyl is there to help your dog through their pain and suffering that is caused by arthritis. It is highly recommended by many veterinarian all across the world and has been proven safe for your dog to take once or twice a day. This is the first medication to be approved in the United States for dogs who suffer with arthritis. Rimadyl is not harmful to your pet and can help them get back to their normal lives.

If you have a dog you know how important it is to make sure that they stay healthy and strong for as long as possible. No matter what condition they have it is possible that there is treatment available to keep your dog happy and healthy. I am sure they will thank you for it if they haven’t already. Keep them up to date on their vaccinations so you have a very healthy puppy.

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The Bully Stick Mystery Unfolds

The Bully Stick Mystery Unfolds

If you are a dog owner you know how important it can be to keep your dog healthy. Another priority may also be for you to give them something to chew on so you do not have to worry about them chewing up your shoes or your other household belongings. Bully sticks are an awesome solution to keep your dog from causing other problems throughout your home. They are all-natural and have nutritional value for your pet. So you may be curious to know where you can get bully sticks and what some of the best ones are for your dog.

So what are the best bully sticks for dogs?

Redbarn Natural Bully Slices is a great choice for smaller dogs who like to chew on furniture and shoes but cannot handle large bully sticks. You can purchase these types of treats at pet stores, grocery stores, as well as through online outlets. Most of them are made from cow’s ears and have some type of gravy coating on them. These will help keep your dog’s teeth healthy as well as give them a delicious treat to snack on. And you don’t have to worry about them chewing on your shoes!

There are many other healthy dog treats out there for your pet. Some of the best healthy dog treats can make a big difference in their health and well-being. When picking out a treat for your dog you want to make sure that you pick out something that is nutritious and delicious all at the same time. You want to make sure that the treats you pick out for your pet are fruit or vegetable-based. Banana or apple crisps are great choices for dog. Meat or chicken-based treats are good for your dog as well because they give your pet the added protein that they may not bet getting in their standard dog food.

Sometimes there is nothing like a good dog biscuit to satisfy your pet. This is a great way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong while also keeping them from chewing on other household items. No matter what you choose when it comes to a dog treat for your best friend make sure that it is healthy and does not have any additives or preservatives that might cause your dog to be sick or is simply unhealthy for your pet.

It is always important to make sure that you take good care of your dog and give him the right kind of bullies and treats to help them live long and healthy lives. Keeping their teeth healthy also prevents them from getting into trouble which also makes you love your dog even more.

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Why is my Dog Throwing Up?

Why is my Dog Throwing Up?

No pet owner wants to see their best friend in any kind of pain. Your pets are a part of your family so when they become ill it can be devastating to the entire family. Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason, and nobody wants to see their best friend suffer. So when your dog is in pain or having other health problems, you are going to want to know what to do. Whether your dog is vomiting or in visibly in pain, there are things that you can do to make it easier on your pet and your family.

If your dog is having trouble keeping food down you may be asking yourself why my dog is throwing up. There could be a number of reasons for your dog’s illness. It could be something as simple as your dog eating his food too quickly or something more serious such as a bacterial infection or intestinal parasites. Some dogs have a tendency to get into the trash and eat things that he/she shouldn’t. Dirty diapers, spoiled food, or other items in the trash that could give your pet a serious tummy ache. If this only lasts for a day or two then it is most likely one of the above options. However, if they are sick for much longer, they could become dehydrated and you should take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

Acepromazine is the most common drug given to your pet as a tranquilizer to keep them calm during times of stress and anxiety. It acts a depressant for the central nervous system and can be given to pets to calm them down during long trips in the car or loud sounds such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Whatever your dog may be afraid of acepromazine has the ability to calm them and keep them completely relaxed. When you give this to your pet it can stay in his/her system for up to eight hours. It acts as dopamine in your dog’s brain which blocks receptors in your dog’s brain that cause your dog to become anxious and hyper.

Just like with any drug, there are some pertinent side effects to giving acepromazine to your dog. It can cause seizures, low blood pressure, heart failure, vomiting, constipation and many others. One of the most common side effects to this medication is constipation. There are medications that can be given to help with that particular side effect.

It is good to know that there are medicines that can help your dog when he is feeling pain or stress. Just like human beings, they can have pain, anxiety, as well as other conditions, and they all need to be taken very seriously. Consult your vet before starting any kind of regimen of medicine for your pet.

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Sharing a Meal with your Dog

Sharing a Meal with your Dog

If you have a dog you know how important it is to keep them healthy and strong for as long as you possibly can. There are many medications, vitamins, as well as foods that can help your dog live a long and healthy life. Like humans, dogs have the tendency to face health issues regarding their intestinal tract. Probiotics have been a common way to treat stomach problems in humans. The good news for your pet is that probiotics can also be used for dogs. Probiotics are a bacteria that is good for your health primarily the digestive system. They can also be a good way to treat problems with the digestive system in your dog as well.

Probiotics have the potential to do a lot of positive things for your dog. They have the ability to boost their immune system as well as addressing any bacterial imbalances. Probiotics and potentially eliminate disease causing bacteria within your pet. Purina makes a product for dogs called Fortiflora that is a probiotic supplement for dogs. This supplement helps to reduce gas in dogs as well as other stomach problems such as diarrhea. Giving your dog one pack of the supplement daily could make a big difference in their overall intestinal health. Nutramax also makes a similar product that promotes a healthy digestive tract in your pet. It helps to eliminate diarrhea and can be used as a long term solution for tummy troubles.

Feeding your pets the best food possible is the key to keeping them strong and happy. Dogs especially need special nutrients and vitamins to keep their hearts and bodies strong and healthy. Very few people know that feeding whole grains to their dogs can really benefit their long term health. There are also a number of benefits to feeding your dogs certain dairy products. Sometimes human food is simply forbidden to dogs while others can really lengthening their lives and keeping them healthy and strong. Along with plenty of exercise this is a great way to protect your pet and repay him/her for all of the love that he/she gives you daily.

Dairy is good for your dog believe it or not. Feeding your dog certain types of dairy such as yogurt can really help keep your dog’s bones healthy and strong. Yogurt has a lot of potassium which helps to keep your pet’s heart stronger than ever. One thing you need to is to watch out for signs of lactose intolerance. Dairy can be healthy for some pets but others are allergic or have an intolerance to it, just like people do. If you notice that your dog is bloated or showing other signs of tummy troubles, stop giving your dog dairy and consult a veterinarian right away.

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When Arthritis Runs Him Down

When Arthritis Runs Him Down

If you have a dog taking care of him is one of your biggest priorities. They become a big part of your family and making sure they stay with you for a long time is crucial. Sometimes your dogs have conditions that make it a little more challenging for you to make sure they stay healthy. There are some medications available that will help your dog live a much more comfortable life if they suffer from conditions due to aging and breed. Here are a couple of medications that can help your dog to live a longer and much happier life.


Previcox for dogs is standardly used when they grow older and develop osteoarthritis. If your dog has some type of orthopedic surgery, this is drug is also given to your dog as an anti-inflammatory.  While it is primarily used for arthritis it can also be used for bone and muscle injuries in your dog. As with any type of drug, there are some side effects that are most common when you give your dog Previcox.

  • Dark stools
  • Stomach pains
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • High kidney blood values
  • High liver enzyme levels
  • Lethargy

This drug can also be used as a method of chemotherapy for dogs who have developed tumors and/or cancer. Regardless of the reason your dog takes this medicine, it is important to know that they must be closely monitored and have regular blood tests through your veterinarian.

Glucosamine for dogs is another drug that is used for arthritis in your dog. What makes this different from Previcox, is this drug is typically used to prevent arthritis and other bone conditions. It is used as a dietary supplement to help promote good joint health so that your dog does not suffer from arthritis later in life. It greatly improves the fluid in the joints as well as protects the lining of the cartilage in your pet keeping his bones healthy and strong.

Depending on how active your dog is, their bones go through a lot of wear and tear and need to consistently be revitalized. Glucosamine when used as a daily supplement, has the ability to strengthen your dog’s bones and prevent any additional damage being done. This is a great way to prevent arthritis and other bone diseases while also allowing your dog to remain active for a much longer period of time.

Taking care of your dog is so crucial in all stages of his or her life. Your veterinarian will know of the right medical treatment for your pet no matter what his medical history is. Being able to prevent conditions such as arthritis is really a great way to have a much happier, healthier pet.

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Pain Killers For Good

Pain Killers For Good

Keeping your dog calm and safe is your primary responsibility when it comes to being a pet owner. Sometimes dogs can become out of control or anxious there has to be a remedy for it. If you are taking a dog on a long car ride and they grow scared and anxious, you will need a way to keep them calm if you want to have a peaceful trip for both you and your pet. Acepromazine prescribed for dogs can help keep your dog from having severe anxiety during trips and other stressful situations.

Acepromazine is the most common drug given to your pet as a tranquilizer to keep them calm during times of stress and anxiety. It acts a depressant for the central nervous system and can be given to pets to calm them down during long trips in the car or loud sounds such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Whatever your dog may be afraid of acepromzaine has the ability to calm them and keep them completely relaxed. When you give this to your pet it can stay in his/her system for up to eight hours. It acts as dopamine in your dog’s brain which blocks receptors in your dog’s brain that cause your dog to become anxious and hyper.

Just like with any drug, there are some pertinent side effects to giving acepromazine to your dog. It can cause seizures, low blood pressure, heart failure, vomiting, constipation and many others. One of the most common side effects to this medication is constipation. There are medications that can be given to help with that particular side effect.

Many dog owners wonder what they can give their dogs for pain. Well there are several options available. You can give your pet medications such as NSAIDs for pain. Some of these include: carprofen, deraoxib, firocoxib, and a number of others. These medications can help with swelling and inflammation due to arthritis and other pain related issues. If you have a dog who is older and suffers from joint pain, NSAIDS can also be a good option for your pet. Sometimes dogs have allergic reactions to NSAIDS so there are some signs to look out for such as: loss of appetite, skin irritation or redness, changes in behavior, and unusually colored stool. If you notice any of these symptoms you should stop giving them the medication and contact the veterinarian immediately.

It is good to know that there are medicines that can help your dog when he is feeling pain or stress. Just like human beings, they can have pain, anxiety, as well as other conditions, and they all need to be taken very seriously. Consult your vet before starting any kind of regimen of medicine for your pet.

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Depression In Children And Teens

Depression In Children And Teens

Depression in anyone is a serious matter but when it comes to a teenager it can be a bit more fragile and hard to cope with. The stresses of being a teenager are much different than that of an adult and require a delicate handling of the matter. Puberty plays a big role in teen depression but that is not all of it. There are many pressures that a teen faces in school that we sometimes forget about. Here is some more information about depression in teens and what you can do to ease them back to normal mental health.

It is normal for any person to feel unhappy at times it is when it becomes a daily occurrence that it becomes very serious. The symptoms for depression are the same as with adults.

  • Lack of concentration and ability to make decisions.
  • Tiredness and decreased energy.
  • Severe pessimism or hopeless feelings.
  • Unable to sleep, restlessness and irritability.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Physical pains such as leg pains, headaches, and cramps.
  • Thoughts of suicide.
  • Rebellion
  • Consistent sad and anxious feelings.
  • Promiscuity
  • Excessive drug or alcohol use.

Many things can trigger these depression symptoms in teens. It could be friends, peer pressure, grades, tests, teachers, and so on. This list could go on for ages and can really weigh down on your teen. If you notice any of these symptoms it is time to talk to your teen to find the root of the problem. The next step would be to find a local therapist in your area that specializes in teens with depression. Depression can often times lead to suicidal thoughts and even suicide itself. You do not want to allow it get to that point. You want to try and catch the warning signs before they become too difficult to help with.

The best possible thing you can do to manage depression is to try and help prevent it. Sometimes, it is not possible due to the fact that depression and mental disorders are often genetic. However, talking to your teen on a daily basis and asking them about their experiences at school and their life, can really make a difference. When they understand that someone is open to listening to them and wants to help them work through their feelings, it can be a very big weight off of their shoulders.

If you suspect your teen is depression you need to contact a therapist as soon as possible. There are a number of different treatment plans that are available to individuals as well as teens who suffer daily from depression. Depression is a serious matter and the signs and symptoms should under no circumstances be ignored.

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Pregnancy: A Delicate Time

Pregnancy: A Delicate Time

Most women already understand the gentle nature of a pregnancy. You must take better care of your body when it comes nutrition and physical care. But this also means that many of the things that you may enjoy doing now you simply cannot do when you are expecting a child. It is important to have the proper nutrients to insure you and your baby’s health. So this means not only eating right and taking your prenatal vitamins, but this also means you must cut out alcohol and any other unhealthy habits. There are many benefits to taking your vitamins as well as quitting alcohol.

Alcohol can do severe damage to your child in the womb. Your child runs the risk of getting fetal alcohol syndrome and many other defects and disorders. Needless to say, alcohol should be eliminated from your life even if you are not pregnant. One of the biggest perks to taking alcohol out of your life is what it does for your body and your mind. Your mind will begin to clear and your body will begin to heal itself from the damage that has been done. It as little as two months your liver will start to heal itself and you will begin to notice a difference in your skin’s appearance and your overall health. You will now be free of disease which can be a really amazing feeling in itself.

There are many benefits that come with taking a prenatal vitamin while pregnant. What most women do not realize is that prenatal vitamins are much different than your typical vitamin. Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which assists with any neural tube defects that may occur in your child. These are defects that impact your child’s spinal cord as well as their brain. The iron that is in a prenatal vitamin helps prevent the mother from becoming anemic which can also deeply impact the baby.

Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin C, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin D. These should not be used as a substitute for good nutrition. You need to make sure you are still maintaining a healthy diet. The calcium will be very helpful especially in your final trimester. Calcium helps to build your baby’s bones and keep them strong. It is crucial that you keep a lot of calcium in your diet including the prenatal vitamin. One thing prenatal vitamins do not contain are omega-3 fatty acids which you will find in fish. So make sure you keep fish in your diet if you are able to.

So make sure you cut out any of your bad habits now before you become pregnant. Eating right and taking your vitamins will also help you deliver a healthy and happy baby.

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Chocolate Is Bad News For Your Dog

Chocolate Is Bad News For Your Dog

Anybody who has a pet knows exactly what it is like then when they are not well. That is why animal lovers will do whatever necessary to make sure that their pets remain self and healthy. Unfortunately, bad things do happen and there are times when our dogs are sick. They are a member of the family so we rush off to get them the urgent care they need. There are a number of foods that that your dog simply cannot eat because they are toxic to your furry friends. Keep reading to discover some of the foods that can make your dog very sick and can even be fatal.

Just as we love our pets, most of us humans love our chocolate. One thing you must be careful of is not to allow your dog to ever consume any amount of chocolate. Chocolate (especially baking chocolate) is extremely toxic to your pet. It contains a chemical called theobromine that do massive damage to your dog’s lungs, kidneys, heart, and nervous system. Keep chocolate away from your pet all costs. Store your chocolate stash in hard to reach places. Never keep chocolate in a place where your dog can reach it.

A clue to look for when you think your pet has eaten that forbidden food is any kind of signs of physical pain. Most of these foods (especially chocolate) can cause a dog to gain a fever, restlessness, and even causes your dog to shake. If you notice any of these symptoms you should take your dog to your vet immediately. Do not hesitate to call your vet if you have any concerns about what your dog may have consumed.

You may catch your dog eating his own poop. And now you may wonder why dogs eat their own poop. It is actually very normal for your dog to eat his own feces. Many animals, including dogs, eat their own poop in order to regain nutrients that they may have lost when they actually consumed the food. Another reason might be because they were trained at one point to clean up after themselves.

If you notice that your dog is doing this often, you should probably consult your veterinarian just to rule out any particular medical issue that may be causing it. There are times when dogs who are malnourished will eat their own feces because they are typically starving. Usually dogs who are homeless or live in shelters do this more often than typical dogs.

There are many ways that you can keep your dog healthy and strong. The proper exercise and nutritional intake can make a difference in the long-term health of your dog. You want to keep them around for as long as you can so make sure you feed them healthy and nutritious foods served with lots of love.

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Biggest Spiders-Smallest Predator

Biggest Spiders-Smallest Predator

The world around us is filled with some pretty scary things. It’s easy to get comfortable with our lives and forget that we are not alone on this Earth. There are billions of different species of animals and insects out there that live with us, but not always in harmony. Some of these other organisms can become predators and put us in danger – other times we just think we’re in danger. Nevertheless, nothing seems to do this more than spider, but not just any spiders – I’m talking about big spiders.

Spiders in general seem to freak anyone out no matter how mentally fearless they are, but nothing does this more than the biggest spiders in the world. First let’s start with the Brazilian wandering spider. These beasts are one of the most feared spiders on Earth because the aren’t just one of the biggest at 6-inches long, but they have some of the most deadly venom out of all spiders. Their venom is even known to kill humans if it goes untreated, so it’s safe to say that these monsters should be avoided at all costs.

The huntsman spider is species of spider that has terrified people all over the world. While they are native to Asia, they have been spotted in Southern tropical states in the US – most likely be catching a ride through imported bananas. The huntsman spider is, as you might have guessed, excellent at stalking prey. They can climb sideways up smooth surfaces without a problem, and are insanely fast despite being nearly a foot long in length.

Last but not least is the infamous Goliath bird-eating tarantula. The Goliath is the largest known spider that can reach up to one foot in body length! They spiders are bulky, powerful, and yes, they even consume birds. While their bite won’t kill you, it can cause excruciating pain! But even though this beast is one of the most terrifying animals on the planet, don’t forget that you probably scare it much more! After all, you’re just one stomp away from completely obliterating it while its bite will only temporarily injure you.

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The Wild Can Be Saved With Eco-Friendly Choices

The Wild Can Be Saved With Eco-Friendly Choices

Cheetahs are known to be one of the most beloved animals on the planet. Sure, they can be ferocious in nature, but they are also absolutely beautiful cats. However, these poor animals are decreasing in number day by day. We might live in a time where there are not any more cheetahs out there existing in the wild. With that said, there are ways that we can combat this ecology problem! Let me introduce AirBnB.

AirBnB is a wonderful website that lets you find the perfect home for you. You can search through hundreds of apartments for rent and sign up to claim the perfect residence for you. In addition to this, you can also have the option of hosting world travelers for purely unique experiences. AirBnB is all about giving you just that – a unique experience. Many of the apartments and accommodations that AirBnB offers are extremely eco-friendly. By going with AirBnB you are directly impacting the environment, and the ecosystem as well. Who knows, your actions could even lead to saving the cheetahs that are dwindling in numbers all over the world!

It’s very important that we keep a wary eye on the environment because there is so much that we still don’t know about it. We do not live alone on this Earth, and it’s easy to forget that. By remembering that there are other species who are being negatively impacted by our decisions, like cheetahs, we need to take the initiative when it comes to helping the environment any way we can. I don’t want to see these beautiful animals disappear, and I’m sure you don’t either. Cheetahs are truly fascinating once you take the time to research them and look into them a bit, and if we’re not careful, the human race could wipe them all out. A lot of the cheetah’s diet comes from consuming other animals, so it’s just the cheetahs that we need to keep an eye. If other species get wiped out too, then it will indirectly lead to the extinction of other animals as well as they will no longer have anything to eat. Nature is all linked to together.

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Feed your Dogs love for Fruit

Feed your Dogs love for Fruit

Does your dog like special treats? If so, he may want something sweet. While it is not advised to give dogs foods that humans consider sweets, you can give them something that they consider sweet. There are many different fruits that your dog can eat and one of these treats is bananas. There are also a wide variety of foods that your dog should not have.


Bananas provide a lot of vitamins and nutrients that your dog can benefit from. They provide a great energy boost for exercise time and they can also help provide a shiny coat.

Other Fruits and Veggies

Dogs love fruits and veggies. This is why they beg for them. They crave something sweet, just like you do. Dogs can safely eat broccoli, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, peas, beans apples, and melons.

Using these fruits and veggies to make special dog meals and dog treats can help increase their vitamin intake, and provide them nutrition that their dog food cannot provide on its own.  Plus, your dog will be very appreciative.


Chocolate is one of those items that you should never give your dog. It contains a chemical called theobromide, which is toxic to dogs at any level. If your dog consumes a large amount of chocolate, they should be seen by a veterinarian, especially if they have preexisting health problems.


Let’s face it, dogs love bones and we love to see them happy. Certain types of bones are good for your dog’s teeth and mental health, but some can pose hazards. Make sure that the bones you provide your dog do not have sharp edges. Give them large bones, like knuckles or marrow bones, but make sure to boil them first to ensure that there are no parasites on them.

When your dog begins to eat through the bone, rather than just chew on them, it is time to take them away so they don’t swallow sharp pieces or cut their gums.

Greasy Foods or Poultry

Dogs should not eat greasy foods. This is because their stomachs are no designed to process grease. Greasy foods can lead to diarrhea and dehydration.

Dogs should not eat poultry. This is because they do not have the proper enzymes to break down the meat. This is especially true for turkey meat.


Dogs should not eat pork products. Pork products can lead to indigestion, upset stomach and bloating. Dogs cannot break down pork fat. Because of the lack of enzymes in their saliva to begin breaking down pork fat, your dog will be uncomfortable for a long time.

There have been numerous reports of dogs requiring surgery to remove pork fat from their stomach. Because of this, it is important to avoid giving your dog any pork product.

Your Dog Shaking and Vitamin Deficiencies

Besides nervousness and anxiety, one of the main reasons dogs shake is because of vitamin deficiencies. Providing them high quality dog food with minimal byproducts can greatly increase their vitamin intake.

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The Kissing Bug Disease And How It Can Affect Your Dog

The Kissing Bug Disease And How It Can Affect Your Dog

Have you ever heard of the kissing bug? Well, unfortunately it’s not a bug that causes people to be extra hungry for lip-on-lip action. Rather, it’s a very dangerous insect that is spreading virtually unseen disease throughout the US. Right now, it’s estimated that about 300,000 in the US are infected with what’s called the Chagas parasite. The Chagas parasite is carried in the fecal matter of the kissing bug, and is spread when the kissing takes little nips out of your face and/or lips while you’re sleeping.

If this doesn’t terrify you into sleeping with one eye open, I don’t know what will. But there’s more to the story. Humans aren’t the only ones that are vulnerable to this parasite (which damages heart tissue and the digestive tract); dogs are very vulnerable too. Humans and dogs are able to give each other the Chagas parasite through a common kissing bug.

Right now there are so cures for it. There are ways to hinder its spread and treat some of the symptoms, but as of now the parasite will remain in your tissue and never leave. The only remotely positive thing about this disease is that it for some reason only flares up in about a third of all people who carry the Chagas parasite. Meaning, if you have the Chagas, you have a two-thirds chance that you won’t have any symptoms and probably won’t even realize you have it.

Kissing bugs are very common in the South in states like Texas, and right now, more and more dogs in Texas are showing up with the Chagas parasite in their system. Several dogs have lost their lives to the Chagas parasite, even some of the “smartest” dog breeds out there are not an exception to Chagas. Furthermore, even hypoallergenic dogs are susceptible to kissing bugs.

But southern US households aren’t the only ones that have a problem with the kissing bug. South and Central American countries have had the same issues as kissing bugs are much more common there. Kissing bugs like to live in the roofs of mud homes and bite the residents while they’re sleeping. Households with dogs will increase their chances of getting the Chagas parasite. Right now it’s being said that dogs are helping spread the Chagas parasite more so than the kissing bugs themselves.

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3 Common Health Problems Among Dogs

3 Common Health Problems Among Dogs

Just like humans, dogs are vulnerable to a number of health issues. While dogs are prone to other problems that humans aren’t, they are still no exception which is why it is crucial that you treat the health of your beloved animal with just as much seriousness as you would a child of your own. Dogs have their own ways of telling you that they are uncomfortable or in pain, but sometimes you have to be proactive and look to make sure your dog is healthy. Here are three common health problems that dogs find themselves with as well as some symptoms to look for.

Ear infections are very common in infants, but also in dogs too. No dog is immune to ear infections. It doesn’t matter if you have a small dog, medium dog, or a large dog; they are just as vulnerable all the same. Ear infections can cause a great deal of discomfort for your dog as his/her ear will itch uncontrollably as well as potentially cause pain. Any time you notice your dog shaking its head in an unusual way, or scratching its ear violently you might want to check its ears. Lots of times the infection can be deep within the ear canal, which can cause imbalance, swelling, and possible discharge to form inside of the ear. It’s best to catch these early because more times than not the dog will make matters worse. Because no amount of scratching and shaking will cure an ear infection, your dog might hurt itself by scratching and shaking too much. This could lead to ruptured blood vessels, and inflammation around the ear.

Worms are another sneaky problem that can be hard to detect because it’s not visible. Worms cause a great deal of discomfort for the dog and also a great deal of pain. A lot of times you will notice a drastic change in attitude in your pooch as he/she will have troubles sleeping, lose weight, and lose its appetite. Some noticeable traits your dog might start doing is scooting on its backside, this is because the worms have cause inflammation and a bad itch inside the dog. Diarrhea is another unfortunate symptom of a worm infestation. While worms is a very common and treatable issue, hookhorms can be fatal – it all depends how serious it is and how quick you are to act. Oral medication is the most common treatment, but whatever you do, do NOT try treating it yourself.

Finally, the peskiest of all dog problems is fleas. Fleas, much like the ear infection, will cause discomfort and itchiness for the poor pup; however, it will be every where rather than in one spot. It doesn’t take long for just one flea to turn into thousands and the more fleas there are the more irritation it brings. Vigorous scratching and biting is a common symptom of fleas, but so is hair loss. Fleas are very treatable, but don’t let your dog suffer; take him/her to the vet right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

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Size Matters When It Comes To Dogs

Size Matters When It Comes To Dogs

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, such as a dog, then one of the main factors to base your decision on is probably the size of dog. Big dogs have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses as do medium and smaller dogs, so you really should do your homework before you actually make a decision.

Small dogs for instance are commonly healthier. They have less joint problems and overall are easier to take care of. They don’t leave as big of messes in your yard and can fit more comfortably in a car so you can take him/her out into public. Along with their smaller size comes a decrease in food.

Because small dogs eat less than larger dogs (most of the time) they are less expensive and you don’t have to spend as much money feeding that big belly of his/hers. A smaller frame means that they are easier to bathe as well. Anyone who has bathed a dog knows that sometimes the big boys can be a bit rowdy and cause quite a mess.

If you’re not one for rough-housing and rough play then a small dog is most likely going to be the one you will want. Some of the most common small dogs (25 pounds and under) are Terriers (American Hairless, Australian, Bedlington, Boston, Fox, Jack Russell, Scottish, Welsh, and Yorkshire), Beagles, Chihuahuas, Malteses, Poodles, Pugs, Papillons, and Shih Tzus.

Where small dogs lack, medium-sized dogs pick up the slack. Medium-sized dogs are most commonly favored because they combine both the elements of a small dog and the benefits of a larger dog. They are energetic, playful, and possess the cognitive abilities to really establish a strong relationship with you just like many large dogs can, but they are small enough to where they can be around kids and not be too difficult to take care of maintain.

Medium-sized dogs are classified as being 30-60 pounds. The great thing about medium-sized dogs is that they can still provide security. Most dog owners think that they need a large 100 pound dog if they are going to want a guard dog, but many medium-sized dogs can get the job done just fine.

In addition, medium-sized dogs are extremely versatile and can fit into literally almost any type of home. Some of the most popular medium-sized dogs are Boxers, Bulldogs, Hounds, Terriers (Afghan, American Staffordshire, Boston, Bull, Irish, Manchester, Pit Bull, Skye, and Tibetan), German Pinschers, Collies, Whippets, and Griffons.

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big great dane

Our Big Furry Friends: Some Facts About Large Breed Dogs And Allergies

Who doesn’t love a gigantic furry hound to wrestle around with in the yard? Large dog breeds are fun to run around with if you are a full grown person, but care must be taken if there are children about. A large breed dog can knock a child right to the ground without even trying to however, they are usually very calm and gentle, and make great family pets.

Common sense will tell a person that a large breed dog must be given large amounts of room to live and play in and that these dogs are best suited to a home with a large yard or a farm type atmosphere. While it seems to make sense the opposite is actually true.

Smaller dogs require much more exercise than large dogs do, especially as they grow older. Some smaller dogs tend to bark more than larger dogs, so the larger breed will actually be quieter than the smaller breed.

Large breed dogs are going to be more costly than a smaller breed because they not only eat more, but will usually require a special diet as they age to cope with weight management and bone disorders such as hip dysplasia. The large breed dog is going to eat more than their smaller counterpart so there will be additional costs for food as well as the additional costs of their larger toys, collars, and dog beds. Unfortunately a large breed dog has a shorter life span than a smaller breed, living only seven to ten years.

There are many breeds of dogs in all shapes and sizes, even some which are considered to be hypoallergenic. A few of the larger breeds are the PortugueseWater dog which can grow up to 60 pounds, the Giant Schnauzer, and the Afghan Hound.

Technically there are no dogs that are actually hypoallergenic, just some that seem to work better for those with allergies to animals because they produce less dander. People with allergies are not usually allergic to the hair of an animal but rather the protein found in skin flakes and dander. Also, when your pet goes outdoors they come in contact with plant spores, mold and pollen that they then carry indoors. Antihistamines are found to be the best for relieving symptoms, but it is best to avoid the carrier of the allergen.

There are several things a pet owner can do to help alleviate allergy symptoms such a brushing your pet regularly outside, to keep the dander out of the house as much as possible. Use HEPA air filters to keep the air in your home as clean and dander free as possible. Keep your pets off of the furniture, and remove rugs which can catch dander.


Home Remedies for Cat Cold and Fleas

Everyone hates it when their feline friend is feeling under the weather. If your feline companion is showing distress or discomfort such as constant sneezing, discharge from the eyes or nose, or a fever they should be taken to the veterinarian immediately. However there are some things in the kitchen or bathroom cabinet that you can use to help alleviate some of their more benign issues.

Take fleas for an example. These nasty little parasites can spread things like murine typhus, bartonella and apedermatitis.There are medicines a person could use to combat the blood suckers but it’s possible that your cat may not be able to tolerate the chemicals. The good news is there are home remedies for treating cat fleas that are natural and not toxic to kitty.

There is the tried and true lemon juice spray. For whatever reason fleas are repelled by citrus so spritzing some lemon juice spray on clean bedding or anywhere fleas may be will get rid of the buggers. Don’t forget to spray around baseboards even on hardwood floors; they love to hide in there. The bonus is how nice your home will smell, and the comfort of knowing you didn’t put chemicals on your BFF.

There are also home remedies for treating colds in cats, however if the cat is not eating a vet should be consulted right away. Cats are very small and any amount of weight loss is drastic for their systems. If the cat is turning its nose up at its regular food you may try tuna juice from a can of tuna, or low sodium chicken broth.

If the cat has an eye irritation a saline solution rinse may do the trick. Vitamin E and aloe vera can help to calm itchy or dry skin. If your kitty is having issues breathing they may need more humidity in the air. Placing a humidifier in the room where they sleep may help to alleviate this.

Treating simple issues at home is fine; people have been doing it for years. There are many natural remedies for animals that have been used by farmers for hundreds of years, and can help our pets to live long and happy lives. It’s best to keep in mind however, that even if the treatment you are administering looks to be working it is still a good idea to set up a visit with the veterinarian to ensure that your kitty is in tip-top shape.

Kitten & Dog Friends

Is Your Dog Sharing More Than Your Cats Food?

Let’s face it if something is on the ground, the dog is probably going to eat it. That includes snacks in the couch cushions, morsels dropped during dinner, and anything in the cats bowl. So how safe is it for your dog to eat the cat food?

Cat food in and of itself is not a danger, but it is also not good for the dog. The difference between cat and dog food is much more extreme than you might think. First off, a dog is an omnivore. An omnivore is an animal whose diet consists of animal protein and plant based food. A cat is an obligate carnivore which means that their diet consists of animal protein.

Cat food contains Taurine which is essential to a cat’s diet. If a cat is taurine deficient it can cause deafness, blindness and even lead to heart issues. On the other hand, taurine is completely useless to a dog. In fact, dogs have only 11 amino acids in their body while cats have 12, the 12th being taurine. Dog food is higher in grains, and cats need more protein in their diets than dogs do.

So while it’s OK for pooch to have the occasional snack of cat food it is not OK for them to eat it as a regular diet as this would cause nutritional imbalances that would lead to sickness. A dog eating cat food should be discouraged, or the cat food put away after mealtime.

Dogs and cats in the same household are becoming more common than ever before. Luckily the two animals are different enough that the ailments of one animal do not pass to the other. For example, the difference between canine and feline distemper; technicallythere is no sickness called cat distemper or feline distemper.

For a cat the sickness is actually named Feline Panleukopenia Virus and is only found in domestic and wild cats, ferrets and minks. It is passed through feces, fleas and bodily fluids and will compromise the cats’ immune system. A cat infected with FPV may show symptoms of depression, vomiting, loss of appetite resulting in weight loss, fever and dehydration.

Dog distemper or canine distemper virus attacks a dog’s central nervous, respiratory, and gastrointestinal system. The virus can be spread through infected water or food, or via bodily fluids from another infected animal. Symptoms can include a runny nose, labored breathing, loss of appetite which leads to weight loss, diarrhea, and vomiting which lead to dehydration.

If any animals in your household are exhibiting signs of distemper or virus contact your veterinarian immediately.